It was bad enough before a pandemic hit.

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Are you over 50? Looking for work? Having a hard time getting hired? Maybe you’re over 60 and looking for work. Good luck with that.

There was already a problem with ageism in the workforce. No one hires people over 60. They’re ready to retire. Or they should be.

Then a pandemic hit, and older people were getting the sickest. And dying. In large numbers. Many mistakes were made, driving up the death numbers.

In many cases now, with this fourth wave, add anyone with an underlying health condition. You might not even know there’s a problem, until you get…

So I did!

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Now there’s an easy way to pick a title. Plus we were given writing prompts to pick from so I went with these two because they seem to go together:

  • Do you want to earn part-time fun money, or do you need more than that?
  • Is this going to be a part-time hobby thing or a full-time jobby thing?

I’m hoping that this is a way to earn extra income. I’ve always been an avid reader, so this shouldn’t be too hard, especially in short bursts of just a couple of hundred words here and there. …

Sugar, that is

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I’m sitting here writing a post about sugar addiction, eating a glazed apple fritter. Yep, I have a self-discipline problem. I also like to post recipes, and some of them are loaded with sugar, so, just know that I too, am addicted to sugar. Some days I’ll drink six coffees with flavoured creamer and call it breakfast.

Why is it we tell ourselves day after day, that we’re going to eat better, more salads, way less sugar, and then we completely ignore our own advice?

We can tell ourselves that it causes all of our health problems, and it’s still…

my 6 inch frying pan

Cast iron apple desserts. What could be better in the fall? Plus, you probably have the ingredients in your pantry already.

I like to make it in a small individual size (6 inches or so) cast iron fry pan, this will feed two people, and it’s the perfect size to use just one apple. It’s also nice to do one fry pan per person. It’s a fancy rustic way to serve dessert. …

Pulled pork and peanut sauce, mmmm!

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It’s that time of year again, trees are changing to reds, oranges, yellows. Pumpkin spice is in the lattes. It’s here. It’s autumn.

With autumn/fall, comes comfort foods. Stews, soups, casseroles, stir fry meals. Those of us living in regions where it’s getting colder can now pack on a little weight, it’ll be more covered for the next six months.

Time to bring out the crock pot — the slow cooker. Easiest appliance ever. I still don’t leave the house when mine is cooking, but they are supposed to be safe to do that…

And it feels weirdly right……

tall corn behind a farm fence
My back fence and a wall of corn — current summer

This is a very weird year.

We’re walled in by a field of corn. Usually our neighbour, the cattle farmer, rotates his many cows around in his various fields, which for some reason are scattered around the neighbourhood. Some of his fields are joined together. Sometimes when he moves his cattle around, he has to set up a cattle drive and block off everyone’s driveways until the cattle have passed. Always cool to watch, and always a perfectly good reason (out in the country) to be late for work or appointments of any kind. …

Are we ready for the roaring 20s?

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Where I live is just coming out of another wave of covid. Let’s hope it’s the last one.

I go out about once a week to the grocery store. Things are slowly changing. There’s a different feeling in the air. It’s been over a year now, since the grocery stores put in directional arrows, and limit the amount of people in the store. Hand sanitizer and plexiglass dividers at the cash registers.

People seem to be complying with the rules better than ever it seems, except the odd outliers. Now that the rules have been in place for a year…

Olive oil isn’t as healthy as we thought.

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For years, it was thought that olive oil was heart healthy — it turns out, it’s only healthy when consumed with fruits or vegetables.

This healthy diet

This is one of the healthiest diets in the world. I’d rather not call it a diet. It’s a healthy way of eating. Although there is a “diet” based on how they eat around the Mediterranean region.

The actual “diet” that was a thing for a while was good, but strict. …

They just need to know how to make it go away..

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Have you ever felt like an impostor and you don’t know why? It’s common and sometimes barely noticeable. I noticed in myself when I was feeling off and couldn’t shake the feeling. As soon as I heard the words “impostor syndrome”, I knew that was it. I felt different just identifying what I had been feeling.

What is Impostor Syndrome?

Impostor syndrome doesn’t happen to an impostor. It happens to talented people that doubt their abilities. This makes them feel like they are frauds, impostors.

Working around other people, a person can tell how they’re doing, but if they have impostor syndrome, they think…

One in particular

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One writer that writes here daily is a well known Australian blogger. For one, he’s an Aussie. Who doesn’t love Aussies? They’re mysterious to those of us from the northern hemisphere. They have kangaroos, and other odd and extremely cute animals, and the most poisonous spiders in the world there.

If you’re active on Medium, as either a writer or a reader, you’ve likely heard of this fellow. You probably know who he is without looking at the next paragraph for his name. He writes here; he writes everywhere. This has earned him a huge following. I can see why.

Lorna Hamel

Lorna is a web designer from northern Canada, who tries to write now and then. Her website is

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