Can You Kick The White Stuff?

Sugar, that is

Lorna Hamel
4 min readSep 19, 2021


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I’m sitting here writing a post about sugar addiction, eating a glazed apple fritter. Yep, I have a self-discipline problem. I also like to post recipes, and some of them are loaded with sugar, so, just know that I too, am addicted to sugar. Some days I’ll drink six coffees with flavoured creamer and call it breakfast.

Why is it we tell ourselves day after day, that we’re going to eat better, more salads, way less sugar, and then we completely ignore our own advice?

We can tell ourselves that it causes all of our health problems, and it’s still one of the worst substances to kick the habit of. Sometimes we don’t realize how much is in the things we eat.

It’s in almost everything — salad dressing, peanut butter, milk, even some table salt. A couple of the boxed table salt brands list sugar. Maybe it’s anti-clumping? Check your food labels. You’ll be surprised where they put sugar.

We’ve become used to convenience, and the convenient packaged foods add extra amounts of sugar and/or salt so that we keep coming back to their flavour. Also, after a hard day’s work, sometimes you don’t want to stand there chopping, stirring, and then washing all those pots and pans, ick. Who could possibly blame anyone for grabbing that easily microwavable package that creates no dishes?

I’m not one for telling anyone not to do something that makes their life easier, but sometimes we should grab that conveniently packaged salad instead…..sometimes (all that packaging!!).

How Toxic is Sugar?

Inflammation. This is something that can affect your joints, your heart, your veins, your other organs. When our diets have too much sugar, bad things happen in our liver, after which a couple more processes happen, and that all contributes to inflammation, some of which is painful. Some we don’t know about, that’s even worse. What damage is it doing?

Diabetes (type 2), is the body not processing the various sugars and carbs properly. Those people whose bodies do not process sugar well, need medications and should…



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