Food, Job, Worker Shortages Will Affect Everyone

Prepare yourself, plan ahead.

Lorna Hamel
6 min readOct 7, 2021


empty grocery store shelves
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We’ve been told that our food prices are going up again. Everything is rising in price. They said our grocery bill would go up by at least $700 more for the year.

They’ve told us to expect shortages of meat, grains, and fruits. There’s been cattle feed shortages, supply chain inconsistencies, even container shortages.

We’ve also had climate issues affecting agriculture everywhere.

There’s been fires, both floods and droughts, and a very large ship got stuck in the Suez Canal for a week. It blocked all shipping traffic going through there. That ship getting stuck slowed down the global supply chain. We don’t need anything else stopping us from getting our required food, and various other household supplies, for example toilet paper.

Things will take a while to sort out, there are problems in the lumber industry, both the auto and computer industries have chip shortages, there’s housing shortages, lumber shortages, everything seems to have shortages. The world is a bit of a mess right now. Maybe a lot of a mess. Apparently there’s also an energy crisis brewing.

This pandemic has taken away workers, through businesses being shuttered, and a lot of illness, and sadly, many deaths.

It’s expected that there’s going to be slow downs and shortages for a couple of years, at least. There’s still container shortages, worker shortages, and job shortages. There’s a serious mismatch with where the jobs are and who’s there to do them.

A lot of older people retired early, and a lot of people came down with covid. It turns out that it sticks with some people causing them to be too ill to work, for months.

Bosses Behaving Badly

There’s been employers stating that the reason they can’t get workers is because they’re collecting government assistance. That’s not true, and not fair.

This has been very stressful on people that cannot work, but want to, because of illness, or lack of physical capability.

There are still people caring for others that cannot be in hospital care at the moment, and with the elementary schools…



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