Let’s Make Next Year Better

If we can just get our shit together.

Lorna Hamel
2 min readDec 30, 2021
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

So, it’s the end of the year and so many have no idea what comes next.

There’s been protests. There have been freak-outs. People behaving badly.

Government mandates, or requests to comply with covid rules have been all over the place. Listen to the science they say.

Whose science? Every country, state, province is handling this differently. At least they’re finally all admitting this thing is airborne, and we should be thinking about protecting ourselves better. And others, but ourselves too.

I haven’t heard much talk about diet, exercise, and attitude. This is important. All of it. There’s a mind-body connection that can make us ill, or make us better (to a point).

We can’t just booster-vax our way out of this, the numbers I’ve been reading seem to say we’re all going to get this virus, sooner or later.

This new variant, Omicron, is supposed to be less lethal for all, but we have to start out healthier. Eat your veggies, get better sleep, laugh at stuff.

This new year is going to present new challenges, no one seems to think it’s going to get better soon. More covid, supply shortages, doctor shortages, housing shortages. Inflation, job shutdowns. Dare I…



Lorna Hamel

Lorna is a web designer and graphic artist from northern Canada, who writes now and then. Her website is https://www.northcountrylife.net