Six Ways You Can Save Money This Winter

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Lorna Hamel
2 min readNov 15, 2021


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Money is getting tighter, the price of everything is on the rise. Our utilities, our groceries, interest rates, rents, all of it is rising. Let’s save money where we can.

  1. Don’t let any food go to waste. Plan your meals carefully, and if it’s time to use your vegetables up, put them in soup or stew. A friend decided they were going to pick up some groceries for me without checking what I had, and I ended up with two cabbages.

Soup it was. I found a can of beets, a couple of carrots, a can of diced tomatoes, onion, celery, water to cover, and a couple of sliced sausages. Some seasoning. It was awesome soup. There was a lot of it. Some went in the freezer.

2. Buy cheaper, tougher cuts of meat, and do more cooking with your crockpot, or your pressure cooker. Winter is the time for these comfort foods. Bake some buns to go with it. Also buy less meat, more beans, rice, barley, and other pulses and grains.

3. Block drafty doors and windows. Caulk the windows, put weatherstripping around your doors. If your house is more than you need, depending on the layout, you might be able to block out cold parts.

4. Keep your heater a little on the cold side and add a blanket at night, and wear a sweater in the daytime. Because it’s darker earlier and colder, some of us tend to automatically turn on lights and turn up the heat. Remember how much we’re getting charged for our utilities, and the added taxes.

5. Avoid driving in the city whenever possible when the roads are snow-covered. Drivers these days are horrendous in winter conditions. Don’t let them bang up your vehicle, it’s a nightmare and it takes months to settle insurance claims.

6. Go easy on Christmas. It can be made overly expensive. You can get crafty with ornaments, sell some of your craftiness, make some gifts.

There you go. It’s a short article, but it covers some. I’m sure all ideas on money-saving these days are needed, even if they’re all pretty obvious. Maybe someone will get something out of it, or one of the ideas will inspire another money-saving thought.

I have a minor rant, which will make my post just slightly longer…..Grammarly has been up there in all my formatting making my words smoosh together making spelling mistakes. Underlining all sorts of things that are just fine. Go home Grammarly, you’re drunk!

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